Media Masters LLC is responsible for the distribution of optical media products designed specifically for the Commercial and Professional Duplication market by Moser Baer India Ltd. Moser Baer is the second largest optical media manufacturer in the world with presence in 82 countries.

Media Masters LLC offers the full line of Moser Baer optical and flash media products. Optical products include CD, DVD and Blu-ray discs with various features to choose from. Flash products include USB, SD/Micro SD and CompactFlash with different capacities and available packaging options.

Media Masters LLC has warehouse facilities in both east and west coasts that can easily handle high volume shipments for volume orders. Close proximity to major traffic hubs allows Media Masters LLC to provide timely delivery of products to its customers across the country. [more info]

Media Masters LLC establishes warehousing facility on the US East Coast

Media Masters LLC has established its east coast warehouse facility in New York. The east coast warehouse will be fully operational within 60 days. With both warehouses strategically located in major traffic hubs, Media Masters can provide timely delivery to customers across US.

Media Masters LLC appoints Corona Marketing Group as sales representative

Corona Marketing Group in California has been
appointed as sales representative for Media Masters LLC and is responsible for all sales related activities in US, Canada and Mexico. Cedric Tan, President of Corona Marketing Group is the primary contact person for Moser Baer optical and flash media products sales through Media Masters LLC.

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